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Was Ludwig von Mises a Conventionalist?: A New Analysis of the Epistemology…

This book presents a concise introduction to the epistemology and methodology of the Austrian School of economics as defended by Ludwig von Mises. The author provides an innovative interpretation of Mises’ arguments in favour of the a priori truth of praxeology, the received view of which contributed to the academic marginalisation of the Austrian School. The study puts forward a unique argument that Mises – perhaps unintentionally – defends a form of conventionalism. Chapters in the…

Electrodynamics From Amp Re To Einstein

Pub Date : 2003-06-26 | Author : Olivier Darrigol | Publisher : Oxford University Press

ISBN 10 : 0198505930
ISBN 13 : 9780198505938

Three quarters of a century elapsed between Ampere's definition of electrodynamics and Einstein's reform of the concepts of space and time. The two events occurred in utterly diffe..

Einstein On Politics

Pub Date : 2013-11-10 | Author : Albert Einstein | Publisher : Princeton University Press

ISBN 10 : 9781400848287
ISBN 13 : 1400848288

The most famous scientist of the twentieth century, Albert Einstein was also one of the century's most outspoken political activists. Deeply engaged with the events of his tumultuo..

Einstein S Generation

Pub Date : 2008 | Author : Richard Staley | Publisher : University of Chicago Press

ISBN 10 : 9780226770574
ISBN 13 : 0226770575

'Einstein's Generation' offers a new approach to the origins of modern physics by exploring both the material culture that stimulated relativity and the reaction of Einstein's coll..

The Einstein Tower

Pub Date : 1997 | Author : Klaus Hentschel | Publisher : Stanford University Press

ISBN 10 : 0804728240
ISBN 13 : 9780804728249

Focusing on the "Einstein Tower," an architecturally historic observatory built in Potsdam in 1920, this book investigates German scientific life by blending biography, architectur..

Nationalism And Internationalism In Science 1880 1939

Pub Date : 2002-07-04 | Author : Elisabeth Crawford | Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN 10 : 0521524741
ISBN 13 : 9780521524742

The founding of the Nobel Prize in 1901 confirmed the internationalisation of science. The workings of the Nobel institution rested on an international community of scientists who ..

Einstein S Unification

Pub Date : 2010-06-10 | Author : Jeroen van Dongen | Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN 10 : 9780521883467
ISBN 13 : 0521883466

Shedding new light on Einstein's study of unified field theory, this book will interest physicists, historians and philosophers of science...

Cracking The Einstein Code

Pub Date : 2009-10-15 | Author : Fulvio Melia | Publisher : University of Chicago Press

ISBN 10 : 9780226519548
ISBN 13 : 0226519546

Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity describes the effect of gravitation on the shape of space and the flow of time. But for more than four decades after its publicatio..

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