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Macroeconomic Essentials: Understanding Economics in the News (MIT Press)

This introductory text offers an alternative to the encyclopedic, technically oriented approach taken by traditional textbooks on macroeconomic principles. Concise and nontechnical but rigorous, its goal is not to teach students to shift curves on diagrams but to help them understand fundamental macroeconomic concepts and their real-world applications. It accomplishes this by providing a clear exposition of introductory macroeconomic theory along with more than 700 one- or two-sentence “news…

Macroeconomic Essentials

Pub Date : 2017-08-04 | Author : Peter E. Kennedy | Publisher : MIT Press

ISBN 10 : 9780262533348
ISBN 13 : 0262533340

Revised edition of late Peter E. Kennedy's Macroeconomic essentials, c2010...

Microeconomic Issues Today

Pub Date : 2005-01-01 | Author : Robert Barry Carson | Publisher : M.E. Sharpe

ISBN 10 : 0765615029
ISBN 13 : 9780765615022

Revised and updated to reflect critical changes in economic policy since the last edition, this text provides Conservative, Liberal, and Radical interpretations and solutions for s..

Macroeconomic Essentials For Media Interpretation

Pub Date : 1997 | Author : Peter Kennedy | Publisher : Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press

ISBN 10 : 0262611287
ISBN 13 : 9780262611282

"As so many readers of his little book on Econometrics have long known, Peter Kennedy has a special talent for presenting difficult concepts in ways that are clear and intuitively ..

Teaching Economics

Pub Date : 2006 | Author : William E. Becker | Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN 10 : 1781008574
ISBN 13 : 9781781008577

"Teaching Economics is an invaluable and practical tool for teachers of economics, administrators responsible for undergraduate instruction and graduate students who are just begin..

The Global Environment Of Business

Pub Date : 2010-05-06 | Author : David W. Conklin | Publisher : SAGE

ISBN 10 : 9781412950282
ISBN 13 : 1412950287

This text provides upper-level undergraduate students with an international managerial perspective that concisely integrates both market (i.e., industry structure) and nonmarket (i..

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