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Battle Royale Remastered (Battle Royale (Novel))

Battle Royale is a high-octane thriller about senseless youth violence, and one of Japan’s bestselling – and most controversial – novels. As part of a ruthless program by the totalitarian government, a group of high school students are taken to a small isolated island with a map, food, and various weapons. Forced to wear special collars that explode when thy break a rule, they must fight each other for three days until only one remains.

Battle Royale Remastered

Pub Date : 2014-04-01 | Author : Koushun Takami | Publisher : Haikasoru

ISBN 10 : 1421565986
ISBN 13 : 9781421565989

Koushun Takami's notorious high-octane thriller envisions a nightmare scenario: a class of junior high school students is taken to a deserted island where, as part of a ruthless au..

Battle Royale

Pub Date : 2003-12-20 | Author : Koushun Takami | Publisher : TokyoPop

ISBN 10 : UOM:39015069208471
ISBN 13 :

In the future, random Jr. High School classes are chosen to compete in a game called Battle Royale. The rules: only one student can survive after 3 days on an island or else they a..

Battle Royale Angel S Border

Pub Date : 2014-06-17 | Author : Koushun Takami | Publisher : VIZ Media LLC

ISBN 10 : 1421571684
ISBN 13 : 9781421571683

The Program is a brutal military experiment that pits junior high students against each other every year in a brutal battle to the death. Most of the students from Shiroiwa Junior ..

Battle Royale Ultimate Edition

Pub Date : 2009-02-10 | Author : Koushun Takami | Publisher : TokyoPop

ISBN 10 : 1427807574
ISBN 13 : 9781427807571

A 9th grade class is transported to an island and forced to fight each other to the death on a reality television program...

The Drifting Classroom

Pub Date : 2013-03-13 | Author : Kazuo Umezu | Publisher : VIZ Media LLC

ISBN 10 : 9781421557953
ISBN 13 : 1421557959

In the aftermath of a strange earthquake, an entire elementary school vanishes, leaving nothing but a hole in the ground. While parents mourn and authorities investigate, the stude..

Slum Online

Pub Date : 2010-04-20 | Author : Hiroshi Sakurazaka | Publisher : VIZ Media LLC

ISBN 10 : 9781421539560
ISBN 13 : 142153956X

Etsuro Sakagami is a college freshman who simply drifts through life, but when he logs on to the combat MMO Versus Town, he becomes Tetsuo, a karate champ on his way to becoming th..


Pub Date : 2017-10-24 | Author : Axl Rosenberg | Publisher :

ISBN 10 : 9781631064302
ISBN 13 : 1631064304

Take a journey through the history of metal music from its earliest roots with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath to its popular modern incarnations like experimental black metal, ston..

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