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MOB Grind (Raid Online): A litRPG Stand Alone Adventure

Enlil is one of the most fierce and successful warrior-gamers in the full immersion MMORPG known as Raid Online, developed by the government of a post-apocalyptic bunker society to keep the population entertained as they hide away from the polluted surface world. With his warhammer and his wolf he has earned himself fame and fortune in this grim dystopia, all to help his invalid sister fight off a crippling disease.

Enlil must lead his adventure party into a new game expansion that promises…

The Assyrian

Pub Date : 2014-02-15 | Author : Nicholas Guild | Publisher : Scribner

ISBN 10 : 147678387X
ISBN 13 : 9781476783871

An extraordinary historical epic of love and war in ancient Assyria during a time of dreadful omens, tortures, invasions, and a bloody civil war, from the bestselling author of Cha..

The Gift

Pub Date : 2006-04-01 | Author : Mia Dolan | Publisher : HarperCollins UK

ISBN 10 : 9780007240609
ISBN 13 : 0007240600

BIOGRAPHY: GENERAL. Large print edition. Mia Dolan is one of the UK's most eminent and extraordinary psychics whose work has taken her from private readings to ghostbusting to psyc..

Virtual War

Pub Date : 2010-05-11 | Author : Gloria Skurzynski | Publisher : Simon and Schuster

ISBN 10 : 1439116083
ISBN 13 : 9781439116081

Imagine a life of virtual reality -- a childhood contained in a controlled environment, with no human contact or experiences outside of the world of computer-generated images. Corg..

Baron Orgaz

Pub Date : 2015-06-02 | Author : Frank Lauria | Publisher : Open Road Media

ISBN 10 : 9781504009751
ISBN 13 : 1504009754

Fifty shades of noir: Nazi sadists, occult killers, and underground BDSM bars are all part of a paranormal investigator’s job description When Dr. Owen Orient is asked to investi..

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