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Co Operatives In A Global Economy

ISBN 10 : 9781443802550
ISBN 13 : 1443802557

In their efforts to internationalize in the emerging global economy, co-operatives not only face a variety of problems that are common to all firms, but encounter specific challeng..

Transnational Cooperation Among Labor Unions

ISBN 10 : 0801487064
ISBN 13 : 9780801487064

Organized labour faces many challenges in the increasingly global economy, including the portability of technology and capital, and lowered trade barriers. This text, however, pres..

Holy Cooperation

ISBN 10 : 9781621899303
ISBN 13 : 1621899306

Synopsis: The first Christians immediately set about creating a social structure based on democratic control of their collective resources, which were shared freely. While this was..

Global Health Care

ISBN 10 : 9780763799649
ISBN 13 : 0763799645

This revised edition equips students with up-to-date information on a variety of global health topics and perspectives. It prepares readers with a basic perspective of health polic..

The Struggle Over Democracy In The Middle East

ISBN 10 : 9781135198336
ISBN 13 : 1135198330

Many residents of the Middle East - and more recently, Western powers - have placed great hope in democratization in the region. Yet authoritarianism remains the norm and movement ..

Women In The Middle East And North Africa

ISBN 10 : 9781136970382
ISBN 13 : 113697038X

This book examines the position of women in the contemporary Middle East and North Africa. It provides both theoretical angles and case studies from countries as diverse as Egypt, ..

The Israel Palestine Conflict

ISBN 10 : 9781136884320
ISBN 13 : 1136884327

The Israel-Palestine conflict is frequently characterised by the violence between the two sides, beneath which lie a whole series of issues and disagreements. This book uniquely br..

Ruling Capital

ISBN 10 : 9780801454608
ISBN 13 : 0801454603

In Ruling Capital, Kevin P. Gallagher demonstrates how several emerging market and developing countries (EMDs) managed to reregulate cross-border financial flows in the wake of the..

Development Centre Seminars Regional Integration In Africa

ISBN 10 : 9789264194427
ISBN 13 : 9264194428

Regional integration and co-ordination are not a panacea but they could hold the key to African countries' long-awaited participation in the world economy. This was one of the conc..

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