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A Study Of Deities Of Rig Veda With The Help Of Science

ISBN 10 : 9788170174486
ISBN 13 : 8170174481

This Is Probably For The First Time That A Serious Study Of Deities Of Rig Veda Has Been Made With The Help Of Modern Research Methodology And Science To Find Out What The Rishis H..

Vedic Physics

ISBN 10 : 1988207045
ISBN 13 : 9781988207049

This is a reprint of the original 1999 edition with minor editorial changes. The Rigveda is the first book of humankind and the most sacred scripture of Hinduism. It also happens t..

The Celestial Key To The Vedas

ISBN 10 : 0892817534
ISBN 13 : 9780892817535

A leading astronomer offers conclusive evidence, based on astronomical information encoded in the Rig Veda, that a thriving civilization existed in India as early as 10,000 B.C...

Sura In Early Vedic Religion

ISBN 10 : 8120800613
ISBN 13 : 9788120800618

The present Dictionary is a practical exercise in word-compilation to facilitate the study of Sanskrit language. Based on Webster`s complete English dictionary it includes general ..

Encyclop Dia Of Religion And Ethics Life And Death Mulla

ISBN 13 :

Scope: theology, philosophy, ethics of various religions and ethical systems and relevant portions of anthropology, mythology, folklore, biology, psychology, economics and sociolog..

Secrets Of The Mahat The Cosmic Intelligence

ISBN 10 : 9781304284655
ISBN 13 : 1304284654

In this small booklet, you can explore the importance of the Mahat-tattva, the Cosmic Intelligence in Yoga and how we can connect to it on a deeper level. Discover the four levels ..