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23 Things They Don T Tell You About Capitalism

ISBN 10 : 1608193586
ISBN 13 : 9781608193585

Thing 1: There is no such thing as free market. Thing 4: The washing machine has changed the world more than the Internet. Thing 5: Assume the worst about people, and you get the w..

23 Things They Don T Tell You About Capitalism

ISBN 10 : 9780141047973
ISBN 13 : 0141047976

'This Cambridge professor delights in paradox. And myth-busting . . . he does this with charm and a desire to see how things work in the real world' Guardian, 'In Praise of Ha-Joon..

23 Things They Don T Tell You About Capitalism

ISBN 10 : 9780141957869
ISBN 13 : 0141957867

Ha-Joon Chang dispels the myths and prejudices that have come to dominate our understanding of how the world works. He succeeds in both setting the historical record straight ('the..

Economics The User S Guide

ISBN 10 : 9781620408124
ISBN 13 : 1620408120

The award-winning author of 23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism outlines the real-world processes of the global economy while explaining how to better understand the str..

Bad Samaritans

ISBN 10 : 1596917385
ISBN 13 : 9781596917385

Bad Samaritans was an introduction to open-minded economists and political free-thinkers to Ha-Joon Chang's theories of the dangers of free-trade. With irreverent wit, an engagingl..

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don T Do

ISBN 10 : 9780062358318
ISBN 13 : 0062358316

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Your Mental Strength Everyone knows that regular exercise and weight training lead to physical strength. But how do we strengthen ourselves mentally..

Globalization Economic Development And The Role Of The State

ISBN 10 : 1842771434
ISBN 13 : 9781842771433

Ha-Joon Chang evaluates the role of the state in economics and development. In this collection of essays, he reviews theories and practices of state intervention as they have devel..

The East Asian Development Experience

ISBN 10 : 1842771418
ISBN 13 : 9781842771419

Today East Asia is the richest part of the world outside the old industrial centres of Western Europe and North America. Despite political authoritarianism, human rights violations..

Kicking Away The Ladder

ISBN 10 : 0857287613
ISBN 13 : 9780857287618

How did the rich countries really become rich? In this provocative study, Ha-Joon Chang examines the great pressure on developing countries from the developed world to adopt certai..

Gray S Anatomy

ISBN 10 : 9780141976549
ISBN 13 : 0141976543

From the author of Straw Dogs, John Gray's Gray's Anatomy is a pugnacious and brilliantly readable collection of essays from across his career. Why is progress a pernicious myth? W..

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